How Can I Receive Fair Compensation for My Injuries and Damages?

When a victim is injured due to an accident, the responsible party may be financially liable. The team at Reasonover Law, a small firm committed to serving the Nashville area, includes car accident attorneys who support injured clients seeking damages. Here are some steps to take to help you receive fair compensation:

Seek Representation

Our personal injury attorneys assist clients with maximizing their compensation for injuries by utilizing experience in legal systems, liability law, and negotiation. At Reasonover Law, we work to educate you about your rights. We can help you weigh your options and navigate complex court structures. Scheduling a consultation with us also provides you with an assessment of your case and relevant legal advice.

During your first meeting, a member of our team assesses the details of your accident. They’ll ask about any health issues you have experienced and relevant third-party groups like insurance companies. This allows them to evaluate the strength of your case. The representative can then recommend a viable course of action, such as settlement negotiations or litigation.

Gather Information

Our attorneys begin by collecting as much information about your accident as possible. Data from the day of the accident helps determine liability. This includes weather conditions that may have affected the road, time of day, geographic location, and obstacles like construction or impaired views. Listing everyone involved in the accident allows our lawyers to call on them for testimony. Complete lists include passengers in your car and the other vehicle, witnesses who may have seen the accident, and first responders like police officers. Insurance information for all involved parties is also collected.

Records that verify your accident help prove your version of events. Our attorneys utilize the police report of your accident, which is weighted heavily in insurance company negotiations. Witness accounts are collected. In some cases, video from dashcams or nearby security cameras can corroborate their stories.

Our attorneys also compile a list of medical services provided to you after the accident. Healthcare records document the extent of your injuries and verify how they affected your life. Relevant documents include medical bills, lost wages, and calculations of lost future earning potential. You may be asked to keep a diary of your moods. A record of your emotional state can support claims of emotional distress. Computing the total physical and mental costs of your injury helps our legal team determine how much compensation to seek.  

Take Legal Action

Many injury cases are resolved without going to court. Our team has experience working with insurance companies and will represent you during negotiations to advocate for a fair amount of compensation. When cases require going to court, our lawyers handle the process of filing the suit, calling witnesses, and presenting evidence. They represent your best interests during the trial and navigate judicial protocol and procedure. If the defendant decides to bargain, our lawyers will negotiate with their legal team.

Car Accident Attorneys Who Advocate

Many different injuries can result from an auto accident, from broken bones and whiplash to brain trauma and paralysis. At Reasonover Law, we use our years of field experience to protect your rights and fight for fair compensation for your damages. Call us today to speak with a car accident attorney who can advocate on your behalf.