Reasonover Law Firm does not want you to worry about legal issues pertaining to your case. Instead, we want your injuries to heal so you can focus on doing what is best for your health and quality of life. Reasonover Law Firm will handle all legal issues pertaining to your case so you have the time to focus on what you need most. Whether you have been injured in an accident or have disabilities that keep you from working, we’re here to help you get the compensation you need.

Please contact our office at (615) 241-0405 or visit our website for a free consultation. Our team is trained to navigate all kinds of injury cases so we can quickly determine if we can be of assistance to you. Our building has free parking, handicap access, and elevator access. We offer a free consultation meeting or, if it is more convenient for you, we can discuss your case by phone or email.

Communication is the first topic we will discuss with you. Without effective communication, we cannot properly represent you. We need to be updated regularly on your medical treatment (i.e. new physicians, tests, diagnoses, etc.), time off from work, and any other details that will help us facilitate your case. We are here to help you through this process and fight for all benefits to which you are entitled by law.

You should expect a firm that will fight for you every step of the way. We will communicate with you and provide exceptional legal advice so that you understand your rights, obligations, and any and all legal circumstances surrounding your case. We care about you and always have your best interests in mind. Reasonover Law Firm expects the highest quality of service from each of our representatives and will provide nothing less to its clients.

Reasonover Law Firm is paid on a contingency fee arrangement, which means we receive a percentage of the recovery in your case. We only get paid if a recovery is made in your case. If no recovery is made by Reasonover Law Firm, you do not owe us an attorney’s fee. You do not have to pay up-front, monthly, or weekly.

Again, you do not have to pay up-front, monthly, or weekly. Reasonover Law Firm covers the expenses related to pursuing your case; the Firm receives reimbursement of the expenses if a recovery is made in your case. If we do not make a successful recovery, you do not owe us for payment of the expenses.

If you are injured on the job, report the accident and injury immediately to your employer, supervisor, or HR manager. Reporting that you are injured on the job is critical to your claim for benefits. Even if you feel a little bit of pain from performing a work activity and think that you will get better with some time, go ahead and report the on-the-job injury.

Once you verbally report your accident and injury to your employer, you should also send a written confirmation by letter or email. State the details of the accident, including the date, injury, and to whom it was reported.

Tennessee workers’ compensation law states that you have thirty (30) days to report your accident and on-the-job injury. If you fail to report your accident and injury within thirty (30) days, your claim for workers’ compensation benefits will be denied. Report your accident and on the job injury in a timely manner so you do not waive your right to benefits.

Tennessee workers’ compensation law states that once you report an accident and injury on the job, you are entitled to a panel of three (3) physicians. Based on the services offered, you may select one (1) physician from this panel for evaluation and treatment. If the selected physician recommends time off from work, you are entitled to weekly payments of 66 2/3% of your gross average weekly wage for the fifty-two (52) weeks preceding your date of injury.

For example, if you made $500.00 per week prior to the work injury, you would be entitled to 66 2/3% or $333.35 per week. If you sustain a permanent injury on the job, you could be entitled to a settlement for that work injury, as well as lifetime medical benefits for the injury paid by your employer.

Whether you are injured in a motor vehicle accident, pedestrian accident, truck accident, construction accident, premises liability accident, or slip and fall, you need to first contact the police. Have a report made, obtain contact information for all parties involved, and take photographs of the scene, vehicles involved, etc., if possible.

Next, seek medical treatment immediately and continue to receive medical treatment as necessary for your injuries. Reasonover Law Firm can assist you with all other processes involved with your personal injury.

If you sustain a personal injury and you are not at fault for the accident and subsequent injury, you can be entitled to money for the medical expenses incurred, time missed from work, past and future pain, past and future suffering, past and future loss of enjoyment, future medical expenses, and property damage for your vehicle, if applicable.

Also, if your spouse was not involved in the accident but has lost your love and companionship as a result of your injury, your spouse could also be entitled to a claim for loss of spousal consortium.

To apply for Social Security Disability (SSDI), workers must accumulate a sufficient number of work credits (i.e. social security payments made during employment). If you do not have enough work credits, you will receive a denial based on that requirement regardless of your disabilities. To apply for Supplement Security Income (SSI), you must be deemed a low-income individual (less than $2,000.00 in assets or $3,000.00 for a couple with very limited income) as SSI is strictly a need-based program.

Age, education, past work experience, and any limitations that result from your disabilities as recommended by your physician—all of these factors play key roles in determining your eligibility for Social Security Disability and/or Supplemental Security Income.

Reasonover Law Firm can file an initial application for Social Security Disability benefits online at for you. We have trained staff that can assist you with everything you need to start the process of applying for Social Security Disability benefits or Supplemental Security Income. You cannot apply online for Supplemental Security Income.

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