When Should You Contact Social Security Disability Attorneys? A Guide

If you’re going through the Social Security Disability application process, you might be wondering whether you need a lawyer. After all, you want to make sure you have the best chance of winning your case.

But is there a right time to bring in a lawyer? Can you reach out to an attorney right away?

Keep reading for the answers to these questions and more information about contacting Social Security Disability attorneys.

The Best Time to Contact Social Security Disability Attorneys

When should you contact Social Security Disability attorneys? The answer is surprisingly simple – as soon as possible.

The Social Security Disability benefits application process is complicated and it can be confusing for those with no experience with the process. Missing an important deadline or submitting an application with incomplete or incorrect information can set back your claim. Even if you do everything right, it can take months to years to get approved and start receiving benefits.

This is why it’s so important to get everything right on your first attempt. The best thing you can do to increase your chances of approval is to contact a Social Security Disability attorney right away.

Social Security Disability lawyers are experts in the process of applying for Social Security. They know the process inside and out and will help you complete your application and make sure you submit the necessary medical evidence to support your claim.

The last thing you want is to have to wait longer for your benefits because you made a mistake that could have been prevented.

When You Aren’t Sure Whether You Qualify

Are you unable to work but not sure whether you would even qualify for Social Security benefits? You need to talk to a Social Security Disability Attorney. Our Social Security Disability attorneys are here to help you understand your legal rights.

That’s why we offer a free consultation and case evaluation. There’s no cost or obligation to you. One of our attorneys will help you understand whether your disability may qualify under Social Security guidelines.

Your attorney will also help you gather the necessary medical documentation to make your case.

When You Don’t Want to Go Through the Process Alone

The last thing you want to do when you’re suffering from health issues is try to figure out a complicated legal process. Our attorneys understand your situation and will do everything they can to get you your benefits as soon as possible.

When you hire Social Security Disability attorneys to handle your case for you, you get peace of mind. Your attorney will follow the progress of your case for you and provide updates along the way. This means you can focus on feeling your best.

When Your Claim is Denied

If your initial claim submission is denied, you shouldn’t panic. Instead, you should contact a Social Security Disability lawyer. Your attorney will guide you through the appeals process and represent you at any hearings or proceedings that come up.

Attorneys who specialize in helping people get disability benefits know how to navigate the appeals process and what sort of evidence the Social Security Administration (SSA) is looking for in order to approve your claim. Your attorney will help you collect and submit evidence to appeal your case.

They will even talk to your doctors and medical professionals to make sure they have a clear understanding of your disability and how it limits your ability to work. They will then present this evidence to the SSA so that your claim can be reconsidered.

Bringing in an attorney at this point can help your case move along more quickly by eliminating the guesswork. Your attorney will help prepare you for any hearings where a judge may ask you questions. They will make sure your testimony paints a clear picture of your disability and how it has impacted your life.

If your disability prevents you from appearing at a hearing, your attorney can request another arrangement where your claim could be approved without a hearing. In this case, the judge will make a decision without your testimony.

This can be a great option but if you go this route, it’s especially important that your medical evidence speaks for itself. Having an attorney on your side will increase your chances of success in this situation.

Before a Hearing With an Administrative Law Judge

If you appeal your claim on your own and you are granted a hearing with an administrative law judge, you need to contact a Social Security Disability attorney. It’s never too late to retain an attorney during the Social Security Disability process.

If you’ve made it to this point without an attorney, you’ve done well. But the stakes are higher than ever at this level of the appeals process. You will have to testify in front of a judge during a hearing in court.

The SSA may call medical professionals and vocational experts to testify and dispute your claim. You will also have to answer a series of questions. Going into this hearing unprepared could cost you your claim.

Hiring an attorney will ensure you are prepared for any questions you may be asked and that you bring additional evidence to the table that will support your claim. Your lawyer can even help you get witnesses to testify on your behalf.

Are You Applying for Social Security Disability Benefits?

Whether you are just considering starting the Social Security Disability benefits application process or you have already applied and are interested in appealing your claim, you need to talk to one of our Social Security Disability attorneys as soon as possible.

Our attorneys are experienced with helping people like you get the benefits you deserve. We can tell you more about your rights and what you can expect from your case.

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