When Do You Need Legal Consultant Services From a Social Security Disability Lawyer

The average social security disability claim is only approved 28% of the time. Seeking and getting an SSD approval is not an easy process and one that’s even more challenging without the help of an experienced law professional.

Are you in the process of applying for social security disability? Have you already applied and then been denied?

The statistics show it’s not uncommon to apply and get denied, especially after the initial application. It’s the real reason to have a legal consultant who understands the social security disability process.

If you thought you could go it alone without the help of legal services, it might now be time to get an SSD attorney to help with your case. Read on to learn what a legal consultant can offer to your case.

What Is a Social Security Disability Lawyer?

Social security disability cases are challenging because social security requires specific information for approval. A social security disability attorney is one who specializes in the law and process involved with getting an application approved.

Often the Social Security Administration is very particular about what they will accept in the actual application. The SSD attorney understands the filing process and the necessary documentation.

Applying for SSD can be a long process with lots of back and forth with the Social Security Administration. An SSD attorney will understand the medical jargon, as well as the legal jargon from them so they can help you to navigate the process.

Why Hire a Social Security Disability Law Expert?

You already know the statistics for getting approval on your claim. One of the biggest reasons to hire a social security law consultant is how much it improves your chances of getting your claim approved.

Can you get approved without a lawyer? Some people do, but the reality is not many. Many people even try to go through the initial application alone, only to get denied. Then seek the help of a qualified law professional.

The statistics are pretty clear that you have a better chance of approval with the help of a lawyer. It becomes even more critical at the appeal stage. You don’t want to be in that stage of your case, make a mistake, get denied and then the case is closed.

When Should You Call and Hire a Disability Lawyer?

If you’re like most people, you’re wondering if it’s necessary to have a lawyer for the whole process. When should you hire an SSD lawyer? The simple answer is the sooner, the better.

Knowing how significantly having a lawyer improves your chances for approval, having someone working on your behalf as soon as possible makes sense.

If you can get the correct medical documentation in your claim initially, your chances of approval increase. This allows you to avoid the need for an appeal or to go to trial.

You may have a whole list of questions too. Here are some common questions that an SSD legal consultant could help you navigate:

  • Do you think I have a case for a social security disability?
  • What type of disability benefits should I qualify for?
  • What information will I need to complete my application successfully?
  • What benefit amount can I expect?
  • What do I do if my initial application claim is rejected?
  • Can I qualify if I’m retired?
  • Can I qualify my child who is disabled for benefits?
  • What will it cost to hire a disability attorney?

One of the most important things a disability lawyer can do is to help you understand how the Social Security Administration defines a disability.

Social Security Disability Claim Process

The Social Security Administration has a multi-step process for dealing with claims. The entire process revolves around proving to them a few things:

  • You have a qualifying disability
  • It’s a permanent disability instead of a temporary one
  • You have the medical documentation to prove it

First, you will complete your claim application. Your disability attorney should have a good working knowledge of your medical condition. They will want to carefully evaluate what’s being provided as documentation. They may even want you to see a different doctor who also specializes in SSD claims to make sure your documentation is as complete as possible.

At this point, your claim will either be approved or denied. Of course, the odds are less in your favor for immediate approval. If you don’t get approval, you can get your attorney to file an appeal.

The fact is that many cases are denied at the initial stage even when it’s obvious they should be approved. The appeal process is important because the attorney can evaluate where you can strengthen your application.

It then goes to an appeal hearing. If for some reason your case is still denied in front of an SSD administrative law judge, you can ask for a trial. You must have a lawyer if you hope to succeed at this stage of the fight.

Get the Help You Need for Your Disability Case From a Legal Consultant

Facing a long-term disability can be daunting and overwhelming. For many people, getting a disability payment can mean all the difference in their ability to face the disability and keep their family afloat.

Hiring a legal consultant who specializes in social security disability law is key to the success of your claim. Are you attempting to get an SSD claim approved? We can help you, no matter what stage of the process you’re in. Contact us today for a free case evaluation and we’ll get to work helping you get the benefits you need and deserve.