What Happens After a Hit-And-Run Accident

Knowing what actions to take after a hit-and-run accident can help you protect yourself and your rights. A car accident attorney helps victims of hit-and-run accidents navigate the legal system and pursue compensation for damages. Reasonover Law Firm is a dedicated team of experienced car accident lawyers who focus their practice on protecting the rights of clients. Here are some steps to take after a hit-and-run accident:

Call the Police Immediately

Call the police and report the accident for your and the other driver’s safety. Provide any details you can remember about the other vehicle, such as make, model, color, license plate number, or partial plate number. Law enforcement officers are trained to handle hit-and-run accidents and may be able to track down the other driver. We can assist in obtaining police reports and other evidence to support your case. 

Record Witness Information

Eyewitnesses offer valuable information to police and help identify the other driver. Get contact information from any witnesses, including their name, phone number, and email address. If you have a smartphone, take pictures or videos of the scene and damage to both vehicles. These can serve as evidence in your case. A car accident attorney requires witness statements to build a strong case for compensation. They also work to get statements from any available CCTV cameras or nearby businesses that may have captured the accident.

Seek Medical Attention

Visiting a doctor after being in a car accident allows the specialist to offer treatment for any injuries sustained. The adrenaline produced during a car accident may mask pain or symptoms of an injury. Some injuries, such as whiplash, don’t always present immediate symptoms. Professional evaluation enables doctors to prescribe the right treatment and prevent any long-term damage. Upon seeking medical attention, keep a record of all medical bills and treatment received. A car accident attorney helps you pursue compensation for these expenses.

Notify Your Insurance Company

Every insurance company must validate any accident claims before offering compensation. Provide them with a detailed report of what happened and any evidence gathered at the scene. Be cautious of discussing fault or accepting any settlements from other drivers’ insurance companies without consulting your insurance provider. Insurance companies may use this as evidence against you when evaluating the claim. Maintain a record of any communication with your insurance company for future reference. Our team of experts assesses the value of your claim and negotiates with the insurance company to promote fairness.

Contact a Car Accident Attorney

A car accident attorney provides guidance and legal representation throughout the claims process. At Reasonover Law, we have a team of experienced attorneys specializing in car accident cases. We safeguard client rights, working diligently for deserved compensation for their injuries, damages, and losses. Our attorneys offer a consultation to discuss your case and advise you on the suitable course of action. With our help, you can focus on recovering from your injuries while we handle the legal aspects of your car accident claim. Contact us today for a consultation about your case.