What Can I Do if I Get Hit by a Truck?

If you’ve been in a car accident, taking the right steps may help you receive fair compensation and needed health care. Your initial steps after an accident should be to make sure everyone is safe, contact the authorities, and secure a reliable car accident attorney. Reasonover Law has helped numerous accident victims by offering professional legal representation and support. Most trucks are built larger and sturdier than average cars, making an accident with a truck potentially more damaging. Here’s what we recommend you do if you’re hit by a truck:

Call For Help

Calling for help should be your top priority, as the injuries you sustain could be severe and require immediate medical attention. Dial 911 right away, and explain your situation in a clear and concise manner. Provide your location, details about your injuries or the injuries of others, and any other relevant information the operator may need to dispatch the right aid. This information will help emergency responders arrive at the scene better prepared to handle your situation.

Wait for Help to Arrive

Stay calm and wait for assistance to arrive. Depending on the level of injury and damage to the vehicles, the 911 operator may send an ambulance and/or police officers. Avoid moving too much while you wait, as this may cause further injury and worsen the situation. If you’re on a busy road, try to move out of harm’s way safely. You can move on the side of the road or a nearby sidewalk, away from the flow of traffic. 

Leave your vehicle where it is. The police will have an easier time reconstructing the accident if vehicles are left where they are. Using your vehicle’s position and skid marks, they may be able to determine fault and accurately assess the damage.

Collect Information

Gather detailed information about the truck that hit you. This includes its model, make, license plate, and the driver’s identifying information. Take pictures of the accident scene, too, as they can serve as evidence when filing your personal injury claim. Get the contact information of any witnesses, as they may give statements to support your case. Collect information by yourself only if you’re not seriously hurt. If you are, ask someone on the scene to help you. 

Cooperate with the police when they arrive by answering their questions. Police statements can also serve as evidence for your case. Avoid talking to insurance adjusters before talking to an attorney. Talking to them is risky as you may unknowingly divulge information that could harm your case.

Seek Medical Attention

This is necessary even if you don’t think your injuries are serious. Some injuries may not be apparent initially, but failing to seek medical attention can worsen them. Get a thorough physical examination to rule out internal injuries even if you feel fine. Keep the medical reports provided by your doctor, as they’ll help our attorneys estimate fair compensation.

Record your lost wages and any other expenses you incur from the accident. This information will help us as we negotiate with your insurance company.

Contact an Experienced Attorney

An attorney can help you get compensation for your physical, emotional, and mental injuries. Our team will help you file a claim and negotiate with your insurer on your behalf so you can focus on healing. We may even collect additional evidence to support your claim if necessary.

We aim to fight for victims’ rights. This may sometimes mean moving to court if we can’t reach an agreement with your insurer.

Find a Reliable Car Accident Attorney at Reasonover Law

Reasonover Law provides legal representation to victims of personal injury to help them receive fair compensation. Our team is tough and compassionate, so you’ll be working with people who want to fight for your rights and understand what you’re going through. We’ll offer the support you need to make the claim filing, negotiation, and court processes as easy as possible. Contact us to work alongside a reliable car accident attorney.