The Legal Process of Filing a Car Accident Lawsuit

Lawsuits can recover fair compensation for car accident damages when those at fault refuse to pay. Reasonover Law, a small firm local to the Tennessee community, guides clients through preparatory and courtroom procedures. Here are the steps to filing a lawsuit through a car accident attorney:

Seek Legal Counsel

Our legal team can help you seek more from your suit by recognizing and arguing for the cost of your accident. If your recovery requires continuing care, settlements can be arranged to cover both your previous expenses and ongoing treatment costs. Your ability to work while recovering is also reviewed. Courts often deliberate over the loss of income when determining payment amounts. Our team empowers you to prioritize healing by pursuing resources that support your health.

Reasonover Law offers free consultation meetings, both in-person and over the phone. Our team is trained to assess your case’s circumstances and identify options that protect your financial interests. Coming prepared with preliminary information about the details of your accident allows us to begin processing your suit immediately. A prompt response safeguards prolonged cases, as the Tennessee Statute of Limitations, requires suits to be filed less than one year after the accident.

Begin Legal Proceedings

After consultation, our attorneys submit paperwork to a civil court that legally opens your suit. Every person involved in the accident, including drivers, passengers, witnesses, and police officers, is notified of the filing and informed of their expected role. The court then serves the defendant, meaning it gives written notice that they are required to appear and argue their case. This allows the defendant to prepare their legal counsel.

Gather Evidence

During the next step of the trial, called the discovery phase, our team collects evidence to be shared with the judge and defense. Information is analyzed and will guide the upcoming courtroom proceedings. Our attorneys strive to make discovery comprehensive, as more complete evidence helps build an accurate case.

Accident Records

The particulars of your accident are recorded from as many sources as possible. The make and model of every involved vehicle, location, road conditions, and involved persons help determine the events of the crash. Photographs and videos of the accident preserve data and can be used to prove points of impact and vehicle positions. Police reports provide official versions of events and verify injuries, which is valuable when dealing with insurance companies. Witness statements can corroborate claims and inform disputes about fault.

Medical Records

Healthcare records can improve awarded payments by verifying the cost of recovery. Our attorneys may ask for bills from doctors or hospitals where you received treatment because of the accident, which also facilitates estimating future medical expenses. If your injuries have prevented you from working, keeping track of missed hours and work opportunities helps document how much income was lost. 

Attend Court With Your Car Accident Attorney

A court date is set after submitting the preliminary paperwork and evidence, and your case goes to trial. Our attorneys support clients through courtroom procedures, negotiating settlements, and finalizing payments. Because Reasonover Law receives our fees through contingency arrangements, we’re incentivized to devote full attention to your case. Contact us today to consult with an experienced car accident attorney.