Slip and Fall in Nashville? How to Get the Best Personal Injury Settlement

Did you know that 12,100 work-related injuries and illnesses occurred in Tennessee in 2019?

Even just going to the grocery store can put you at risk of injury, especially when the environment is unsafe. From puddles to wet floors, the chance of slipping and falling can be quite high.

Did you slip and fall somewhere in the Nashville area? Keep reading to learn all about how to get the best personal injury settlement.

Do Preliminary Research

When it comes to a personal injury settlement, you first have to make sure your lawyer is reliable and experienced enough. If you cut corners in your search, then you may not win your case at all.

You can start by comparing and contrasting online reviews of attorneys that have been left by past clients. It’s a good rule of thumb to read at least a few or more reviews per attorney, then add them to a long list of the most promising ones.

If an attorney has no reviews at all, that could be a sign they aren’t experienced enough. Even really good attorneys may have a bad review or two; you can’t please everyone you know. But a higher ratio of positive ones is ideal, of course.

Ask About the Attorney’s Experience

Any Nashville personal injury lawyer worth their weight in gold will be able to tell you about their qualifications. While the specifics of past cases may be classified for privacy reasons, they should feel free to tell you broad strokes, as well as their number of wins versus losses.

Not only should the attorney be well-versed in the relevant field of law, but they should also have the qualifications to back up their expertise. A trustworthy lawyer should have no problem telling you where they studied and what other prestigious certificates they have.

Schedule a Consultation

After you’ve read online reviews and followed up with some phone calls, you should have a shortlist of the most promising attornies near you. At that time, you should start scheduling in-person consultations.

This is a great way to see how truly knowledgeable your Nashville personal injury attorney is. Be prepared with a list of your most pressing questions and see how helpful they are when answering them. Aside from the technical aspects of the consultation, you should also pay attention to how the attorney makes you feel.

It might seem unimportant on the surface, but if you’re uncomfortable with your lawyer, this could affect the outcome. For the best chances of a good settlement, you’ll want someone who makes you feel comfortable and who will work with you rather than against you.

Triple-Check All Paperwork

Before you sign a contract with your personal injury attorney in Nashville, it’s crucial that you take a close look at all the paperwork. The last thing you’d want is to find any surprises after you’re already in a legally binding contract. If you see anything you don’t understand or that looks suspicious, then you should feel free to bring it up to the attorney.

It’s always better to talk about costs ahead of time so that everyone is on the same page. As you compare and contrast price quotes, don’t forget the old adage “you get what you pay for.”

See the Right Kind of Doctors

Finding the best doctor is as important as finding the right lawyer. The doctor’s report is going to be a strong piece of evidence for your case. That’s why it’s important to see a doctor who is not only qualified but specialized in the area that’s relevant to your injuries.

If you’ve suffered significant back injuries, for instance, an orthopedic doctor might be your best bet. If the injuries are localized in the area of the skull, then a cranial osteopathic doctor is who you’ll need.

Depending on the severity of your fall, you may need to see multiple specialists. It also can help to see more than one doctor who specializes in the same field. Your injury attorney will be able to let you know what the wisest course of action is.

Prove Faul

Once you have a lawyer and a doctor behind you, then it’s up to all of you to work together and prove that the accident was the fault of the property owners. For a settlement to be reached, you must prove that the hazard you slipped on was one that could have been prevented by the owners.

There will be questions about the nature of the obstacle, such as a spill or a waxed surface. It’s up to you and your team to prove you weren’t being negligent either.

Are You Ready to Get Justice for Your Slip and Fall?

Now that you’ve read all about how to get the best personal injury settlement, you can make sure that you receive compensation for the pain and suffering that came from your slip and fall. With the best lawyer at your side, you can have peace of mind knowing that they’ll guide you every step of the way.

Our knowledgeable team can represent your case in a court of law. Our personal injury attorneys have years of experience helping people who have been the victim of a car accident, slip and falls, on-the-job injuries, and so much more.

Do you have questions about our high-quality services? If so, please don’t hesitate to contact us, so we can address your concerns and help you formulate a foolproof case.