Overcoming Legal Challenges Following a Distracted Driving Car Accident

Victims of a distracted driving car accident can also face legal challenges when trying to receive fair compensation. At Reasonover Law Firm, we have a car accident lawyer that can help. If you have been injured in a distracted driving car accident, here are some steps you can take to overcome legal challenges:

Call the Police

After making sure you are safe, immediately call the police to report the auto accident. An official police crash report can provide an unbiased account of the accident. This can include details that may be needed to establish fault and liability. Include as much detail about the event as you can when speaking with the officer. This helps them write a clear and accurate report. Call the police even if the other driver wants to exchange information and handle the situation without law enforcement.

Get Medical Attention

One of the first things you should do is to get medical attention immediately, even if you do not feel you have sustained any injuries. The easiest way to do this is by getting in an ambulance and riding to the hospital to receive care. Some injuries can take time to develop symptoms, and medical reports can serve as evidence connecting your injuries to the accident. This can help document your injuries and make it easier to prove that the accident, and your injuries, were caused by the distracted driver.

Take Pictures

Take pictures of the accident scene if you are able to, or have a family member or friend document the accident scene. Be sure to take pictures of both vehicles, yours and the vehicle that hit you. Get pictures from multiple angles, as well as broader images of the scene. This can help you receive compensation from the insurance company in the future. Take pictures of your injuries as well, as this can help your car accident lawyer build your case.

Gather Evidence

Gather as much evidence as you can. Along with pictures of the scene and your injuries, keep track of your medical records, wage loss documentation, and repair estimates. If you need to rent a car, make sure to get a copy of the receipt. Keep track of expert opinions on the accident’s impact. If you can, speak with any eyewitnesses of the car crash. Ask for their contact information in case you need to contact them in the future. Their testimony can help establish your innocence. The more comprehensive your evidence is, the better chance you have at proving liability and obtaining fair compensation.

Contact a Car Accident Lawyer from Reasonover Law Firm

Following these guidelines can help you remain safe and provide your lawyer with the needed information to build your case. You can contact a car accident lawyer through Reasonover Law Firm by calling the phone number 615.241.0405. We serve people who are victims of distracted driving car accidents and other types of crashes in Tennessee. Our firm can help you navigate the legal process and help you receive rightful compensation for physical, emotional, and financial damages.