What Can A Car Accident Lawyer Do for Me?

The right car accident attorney can help you focus on your recovery journey by taking on legal processes following your accident. Reasonover Law can help you collect quality evidence to build a strong case and get you the deserved compensation. Here’s what a car accident lawyer can do for you.

Educate You on Your Rights

reasonover-law-car-accident-laywer-nashville-attorney-car-accident-attorneyNot knowing your rights and obligations after an accident can be risky since the other party may take advantage of the situation. For instance, you may pay for your treatment or car repairs, even when the other party is liable for damages.

Tennessee is an at-fault state—the driver at fault is legally responsible for all costs incurred, fixing damages, and injury treatment. You shouldn’t have to pay for your treatment or vehicle repairs if you’re a victim in Nashville.

Reasonover Law can protect you from incurring unnecessary costs. We’ll educate you on your rights and protect you from paying for anything you shouldn’t need to. We can do this during your free consultation at our office or discuss your case by email or phone if an office visit isn’t convenient.

Document Present and Future Losses

Poor documentation of losses following an accident can lead to inadequate compensation. Insurance companies sometimes offer lowball offers to maximize profits. Some providers offer compensation for present losses without considering the effects accidents have on the victim’s future.

At Reasonover Law, we understand how serious these injuries can be. We’ll ask for regular updates on your tests, treatments, time taken off of work, and any other details relating to your accident. Keeping a record of every new development helps us quantify your losses and get you a fair settlement.

Negotiate With Insurance Companies

Most insurance companies can offer you less compensation than your claim is worth if you approach them alone. Some can threaten to give you zero compensation to trick you into accepting a lowball offer. Taking such an offer can prevent you from filing additional claims in the future.

We don’t negotiate with insurance companies until we fully understand your injuries. If you can, take photos of your car, the scene of the accident, and your injuries to help us understand your losses. Our lawyers will also gather information from your medical reports to further help us understand your suffering before meeting insurers. We’re experts in the industry; you can rest assured we’ll fight for what you deserve.

Our lawyers can move to court if we don’t reach an out-of-court settlement. We have over a decade of experience representing clients in personal injury cases, and we understand how the Nashville legal system works. Our attorneys have successfully secured economic and non-economic damages for past clients, and we’ll do the same for you.

Hire a Car Accident Lawyer

A car accident lawyer can handle all the legal aspects of your personal injury case so you can focus on recovery. The right lawyer will educate you about your rights and protect them. They’ll also document all present and future losses to help secure a fair settlement.

Reasonover Law fights for the rights of people who’ve sustained injuries or suffered disabilities at the hands of negligent parties. We’ll handle all the legal issues relating to your case so you have the time to focus on yourself. Contact us for a free consultation.